Google, Amazon, Meta & Nvidia Partnered With THIS AI Patent Powerhouse

On October 30, 2023, executives from seven of the world’s largest, most powerful tech firms met in the White House.

Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Meta were among them.

The mission: to roll out a plan to thrust America into the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

And before leaving for the day, the seven companies in attendance agreed to an AI mandate.

One senior official went on record saying: “AI is moving so fast, faster than any technology we’ve seen” and that this agreement is a critical “first step” to an AI future for America.

But what everyone is overlooking…

And what I really want to tell you about today…

Is that Google, Amazon, Meta and other major AI players, including Nvidia, have all partnered with one company.

A company I call the AI Patent Powerhouse.

With 2,740 patents and counting, it holds the key to taking AI to the next level and unlocking 10,366% in new wealth…

All in the next six years.

But I just want to be clear…

This opportunity goes beyond ChatGPT making headlines when it gained 100 million users in just two months…

Or Nvidia stock soaring over 200% in a year…

This is the chance to invest on the ground floor of a company leading one of the biggest technological revolutions in history.

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As you’ll see, I didn’t have time to assemble a video team or do a special interview on this. I wanted to get it in front of you right away.

That’s how urgent this AI opportunity is.

So, I put a simple PowerPoint together to share all my research:

AI Patent Powerhouse Thumbnail

(See all the research for yourself here.) 


Charles Mizrahi
Founder, Alpha Investor

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