Unlocking Uranium-Like Potential in the Stock Market

Unlocking Uranium-Like Potential in the Stock Market

German chemist Martin Klaproth was analyzing soil samples from a silver mine when he discovered an unknown element.

It was 1789.

He named his discovery “uran” after the planet Uranus, but today we know it as uranium.

Periodic table highlighting unknown element Uranium

Uranium is a silvery-white, metallic chemical element.

People initially used it to add color to ceramic glazes. It wasn’t until 1866 that we recognized that it was radioactive.

And, of course, it wasn’t recognized as a potential source of energy until the 1940s — 150 years after its initial discovery.

Yet today, uranium power plants provide energy to entire cities.

This isn’t unusual for big discoveries.

The same is true for a “secret” investing strategy.

How can an investing strategy that’s been studied since at least 1927 be considered a secret?

The truth is, while the broad strokes of this type of investing have been known for nearly a century, its full power hasn’t been understood until now.

What’s the secret? Momentum.

Unlocking Uranium-Like Potential in the Stock Market

In fact, the same concept takes boring uranium — the mining byproduct that was only useful in ceramics that now powers cities — and momentum, and makes them revolutionary.

They need to be properly refined.

To make uranium useful for energy, it needs to be enriched.

To make momentum capable of delivering huge profits, it needs to be refined.

Now, I’ve known momentum investing had enormous potential for many years.

I started my career on Wall Street in 1983 … more than 40 years ago, as a quant trader.

That means I was building systems based on mathematical equations to take the guesswork out of making money in the stock market.

One study looked at every year since 1927. It compared how an investor would have performed if they used different strategies…

Momentum crushed value investing by four percentage points per year (that’s 4% per year for the last 96 years). And it performed nearly two times better than the other two strategies.

But I knew momentum investing could do much better.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and started researching. I experimented with and tested different refinements on momentum investing using over 20 years of data.

The amount of backtesting, research and analysis that went into this effort was huge. But it was worth it.

Because when I was done, I proved my momentum strategy was much better…

Chart of returns

My system — Profit Accelerator — has the power to deliver gains of 3,514%.

From Skepticism to Success

In the last four months, the stock market is up 8.8%…

That’s not a bad return.

However, followers of my Profit Accelerator portfolio did a lot better…

Our portfolio is up 50% in the same time period.

We’re crushing the market by 6X…

In fact, in the portfolio, we have…

  • Two stocks up more than 50%.
  • One stock up more than 80%.
  • Two stocks up more than 90%.

To be honest with you, those returns don’t surprise me.

Keep in mind, over 20 years of data, backtesting, and analysis proved that this system has the power to grow any investor’s net worth by 3,514%.

That’s enough to grow a $10,000 account to $351,400.

Or a $100,000 account to over $3.5 million.

A few readers wrote in after I released my system just over four months ago. They said that my projections were “crazy.”

Yet, everything I said would happen … is now happening.

Profit Accelerator is doing exactly what it was designed to do … beat the market!


Here’s what folks are saying about this strategy…

“…an actionable system that works!”
— Dan S.


“The best system ever. Perfect. Period.”
— James P.


“It outperforms any research system by far!”
— Tim W.


“It is awesome…”
— John O.

They took the first step to making 2024 their best year of investing.

Now it’s your turn…

Watch this video. It’s the same interview that Dan, James, Tim and John watched.

You’ll be happy you did…


Charles Mizrahi
Founder, Alpha Investor